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İphone Service BELEK

Thank you for visiting Apple Expert Service.

As Demirkale İletişim, we have been all over Turkey, especially in Antalya, for years.
Our company, which provides service without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction
It continues to serve under the name of Apple Expert Service.
We are pleased to continue to serve you, our valued customers, with years of experience.
We offer the repair of all iphone motherboards to your service with a 6-month Apple Expert Service warranty.
Motherboard repairs at our service are carried out by a state-of-the-art professional technician with a master's degree made with machinery and equipment.
Fault detection is done free of charge in our service.
The services we provide for iPhone models are listed below. You can contact us for more information.
Our iPhone Hardware Repairs
iphone screen replacement
iphone case replacement
iphone rear camera replacement
iphone front camera replacement
iphone back glass replacement
iphone volume key replacement
iphone speaker replacement
iphone microphone replacement
iphone charging flex replacement
iphone charging socket replacement
Our iPhone Motherboard Repairs
iPhone Failures caused by impact and liquid contact
iPhone Baseband (network) integrated malfunctions
iPhone Charger integrated malfunctions
Faults caused by iphone Wifi integration
iPhone Nand (memory) integrated malfunctions
Iphone Touch Integration Defects
iPhone Light integration-induced malfunctions
iPhone Camera integrated malfunctions
iPhone Audio (audio) integrated malfunctions
Malfunctions caused by iphone RAM integration.
iPhone Big power (main power integrated) malfunctions
iPhone (CPU) processor-related malfunctions
iphone cannot activate error fix
iphone search error repair
iphone no service error repair
iphone itunes error 4013 repair
repair iphone itunes error 4014
iphone itunes 9 error repair
iphone itunes 2009 error repair
iphone stuck on logo won't turn on error fix
And the repair-repair of many malfunctions that we have not written yet are successfully done in our service. Please contact for more detailed information.
We wish you healthy days

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